Growing our 500ml Fizzi family! 

Sour Sawa
Sour Sawa

The business consists of entirely locally manufactured, tartrazine-free products with a key focus on using the very best raw materials and creating high-quality products at affordable prices. Having been born out of Probrands in November 2013, Probottlers is run by a young team of professionals who are passionate about creating affordable and quality products while prioritising customer satisfaction.

Our products reach the market through various channels, touching the majority of Zimbabwe’s supermarket shelves. Despite being a relatively new business in a very competitive market, our brands  have been able to create strong brand equity that is characterised by quality, affordability and availability

Our Vision

Probottlers aims to be a well-structured organization that manufactures affordable and quality products to create a profitable business in all prospective markets.

Our Strategy 

To strive to build long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers, whose support will maximise the potential of traditional business, through a combination of enhanced service quality, creative marketing, competitive pricing and cost-efficiency.

Our Values

* Trustworthy – living up to promises

* Inspiring – progressively creating new ideas

* Straightforward – clarity and precision

* Heart – believing wholeheartedly in what we do